You can learn kiting! Yes YOU!

No matter your age or current fitness level (and you don't need upper body strength) we specialize in transforming YOU into a kitesurfer.

How it works

Lessons are tailored to suit your individual goals and abilities. Have previous experience? - We build on what you already know. Brand new to the sport? - We take you though step-by-step in a safe, fun and easy manner.

How much will it cost?

35 OMR per hour is the starting rate. You don't need to decide right now how many hours to take, we take it day by day to see your progression and the hourly rate is assigned at the end of your visit once you've accumulated all your hours.

Private lessons are recommended unless you have someone or a few people you really want to learn with. Remember - the lessonsinclude the gear!

Kite surf Lesson Options and Pricing

We offer various levels depending on your needs.

Beginner Package (2-3 persons) 7hrs 2-3 days 160 omr

Intensive Beginner Package (2-3 persons) 11hrs 3-4 days 210 omr

Advanced/private Lessons 1h 35 omr

Thank you for choosing Watersport Oman we can't wait to get you stoked.

There's MORE!

Advanced Lessons: Take it to the next level!

For the advanced kite surfer we have long time experienced teachers who will train you advanced moves.

Topics covered: Upwind, gibing, transitions, surface handle pass, Air transitions, kite loops, Unhooked moves, Strapless, wave riding and many more..

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