We have plenty of experience in the surf and paddleboarding and the ability to teach beginners to surf or paddleboard in a very fun and easy way, which is the key to our success.

Our goal is to teach you the proper skills and techniques for surfing and/or standup paddleboarding. Oman has great conditions for learning surfing and or paddleboarding and it's also a unique way to experience the country.

We supply paddles and specialized stand up boards for all skill levels.The appeal of stand-up paddle, or paddle surfing, is twofold. Experienced surfers find that paddle surfing enables them to get out into the surf faster and easier. They can stay out beyond the normal line of surfers and catch the waves before everyone else.

As traditional surfers hop to their feet, we are already there and once we catch a wave we use the paddle for balance and to turn.

After a while, the paddle becomes a natural extension of the rider. Other people are using the boards just to cruise in flat water. SUP is getting a lot of praise as cardiovascular crossover training and considered a great way to exercise and keep in shape even without riding in waves. Our experienced instructors will give you their personal attention and share the surfing/paddling experience with you. Learning to paddle surf could be the beginning of a new lifelong passion.

What you will learn with us....

  • Safety
  • Equipment
  • Transporting equipment
  • How to hold the Paddle
  • Self rescue
  • Use off the Leg rope
  • Getting up on the board
  • Stance
  • Basic paddle stroke
  • Basic paddle turn
  • Controlling board direction
  • Front side turn
  • Back side turn
  • Quick turn
  • Waves Handling
  • Surfing Techniques
  • Wave Knee surfing
  • Wave SUP surfing
  • Surf Safety
  • SUP etiquette
  • Equip. Recommendations