We pride ourselves in our ability to offer individualized equipment selections thanks to our extensive quiver of sails. Once you have your gear, we show you how to put it together correctly. This important step comes in handy if you want to rent equipment at a later time or you are buying your own. Next we start on the sand for a short land lesson, and we explain; how to use the sail, about the wind, and how to stop and turn around. Then we take you onto the water. Using a correct launching technique. Your instructor gets into the water with you to help you apply the techniques you have learned. We show you how to align your board to the wind, how to pull up the sail without straining your back, easy turning techniques, power control and steering. We never get too far from shore, and we concentrate on giving you a reliable technique that will give you confidence in the water. Our instructors can hold onto your board and stabilize it for you as you first get going. They also give you constant feedback and encouragement to help you progress, then you can go solo a little further from shore, where our Instructors can show you some more advanced skills. If you get tired you can simply sit down on the board and if necessary our Instructor can sail or swim you and your board back to the beach, where you can rest before trying again. We always keep a close eye on you so that you are never left to blow away, there is no need to get frustrated. Our time tested methods ensure that you will get the maximum enjoyment from your lesson, and keep you motivated for more. After the single beginner lesson, many people will want to upgrade to the three-day course. This is easy, just pay the difference, or just keep coming one day at a time and pay as you go