We do EPIC! camps

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What the EPIC! camps are


Our EPIC! camps in Oman are focused on being amazing and beyond. Every day we improve our range of services and commodities, so you can truly focus on kitesurfing, SUP, explore,...


Our EPIC! camps theme may vary depending on the season, during summer we go for kitesurfing, winter camps are focused on SUP, wakeboarding, waterskiing,...

Team up!

Become part of the amazing community around Watersport Oman, meet new people and share experiences while doing what you like to do.


Learn from zero at our camp if you are a beginner, we have only the best conditions, flat, waist deep water and consistent winds. For experienced kiteboarders you should expect only the best, from freestyle to freeride you can do it all.


Stand Up Paddling has become one of the mot popular watersports today, not just standing on a board but practicing yoga, explore the shoreline or jump up and down during our fitness sessions, challenge yourself!


During those flat water days we love to go out and step our adrenaline out jumping and spinning behind the boat/jetski while improving our board riding skills (helpful also for kitsurfing!)