We bring you to Bar Al Hikman which is an uncrowded, exclusive and remote flat water paradise with very consistent winds. Our aim is to offer our customers a unique experience without distractions or crowded riding conditions. That’s why our Bar Al Hikman safaris are notorious for its quality. 



25 kts average wind DAILY!

Chill out area - sofas, movies, soft drinks -

Toilets and showers

Luxury tents - pure glampling -

Budget standard tents


Luxury tent

Our luxury 4x4m Bedouin tents are equipped with carpets, light and double bed will offer you an unforgettable glamping stay at the most exclusive spot in Oman

1 night per person 130 OMR

2 nights per person 240 OMR

3 nights per person 330 OMR

4 nights per person 420 OMR

5 nights per person 500 OMR

50% discount for the second person using the same tent

Special rates for groups and kids on request


Standard tent

The wind proved standard tents are very spacious, equipped with two large storage areas, comfortable 2 person air mattresses and pillows. The Fresh&Black storm proved tent concept offers coolness and darkness to sleep well even in broad day light. 

1 night per person 80 OMR

2 nights per person 150 OMR

3 nights per person 220 OMR

4 nights per person 290 OMR

5 nights per person 350 OMR

50% discount for the second person using the same tent

Special rates for groups and kids on request


Self camping options


Transportation/guide from mahout to the camping spot with guide 40 omr

Toilet and shower usage per day 25 OMR

Food and beverage package per day 30 OMR

No wind no problem

We know sometimes mother nature can be unpredictable and tough on us, so for those non-windy days we got you covered. There are many options to explore around the camp, from fishing to nature walks, flamingo and turtle watching, as well as table football, Stand Up Paddling, beach Volleyball and snorkeling.

The fun never ends!

What the EPIC! camps are


Our EPIC! camps in Oman are focused on being amazing and beyond. Every day we improve our range of services and commodities, so you can truly focus on kitesurfing, SUP, explore,...


Our EPIC! camps theme may vary depending on the season, during summer we go for kitesurfing, winter camps are focused on SUP, wakeboarding, waterskiing,...

Team up!

Become part of the amazing community around Watersport Oman, meet new people and share experiences while doing what you like to do.


Learn from zero at our camp if you are a beginner, we have only the best conditions, flat, waist deep water and consistent winds. For experienced kiteboarders you should expect only the best, from freestyle to freeride you can do it all.


Stand Up Paddling has become one of the mot popular watersports today, not just standing on a board but practicing yoga, explore the shoreline or jump up and down during our fitness sessions, challenge yourself!


During those flat water days we love to go out and step our adrenaline out jumping and spinning behind the boat/jetski while improving our board riding skills (helpful also for kitsurfing!)