Kitesurf rentals

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Whether you are traveling to Oman, you do not have the right kite size for the conditions or you just want to try some kites before getting yours, you can rent them out from us.

Rent all of the kitesurf equipment you may need in Oman, we provide you with the latest material from Duotone, leading brand in the market. All of our rental equipment is newer than 12 months and we are constantly upgrading it to offer you the best of the best. 

*Watersport Oman may ask you to show a valid IKO certificate or show you have the ability to ride safely and upwind during first 20 min of rental (extra 20 omr) .Rentals are under the client's risk, having to reimburse Watersport Oman for any damage caused to the equipment

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Let us know the dates and for how long would you like to book the equipment you need. You can drop us a line or even better give us a call

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